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Callidus Sanvaad

Social issues are based both on social and economic issues. Social issues also influence the people living in society. Social issues can be a source of conflict in an open area where social decisions and perspectives vary as per different citizens of society. We, as journalists, should keep in mind that we need to represent society! But at the same time, we also need to understand ethics, transparency, the need for effective storytelling, and awareness.

Callidus Sanvaad, an initiative has been launched to bring together experts from several media fields under one roof, which will provide insights into the media business.

Study Tour

Educational tours are a crucial component of the academic program because they give students the chance to learn outside of the classroom and get useful practical experience. There is a proverb that goes, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I comprehend,” and it refers to the idea that seeing something being done in a certain location helps people remember it better. Educational trips provide students with a chance to learn about a particular place or subject in a more interactive and immersive way.

We always value practical experience, thus it is crucial that we demonstrate to the students how the media business actually operates. We plan a study trip to different news outlets in Mumbai or Delhi every year.

We always get fascinated by success stories without realising the struggle behind them. We took this opportunity to explore the backstage hustle.

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Channel visit- ABP Majha