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Frequently Asked Questions

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What distinguishes Callidus from other colleges?
Students need greater direction for television networks, web portals, etc. in the age of digital media. At Callidus, we favour a pragmatic viewpoint over a theoretical one.
Can working professionals who want to take these courses enroll?
Yes, anyone with a passion for the media sector can enroll.
Are these courses open to students in the journalism and mass media fields?
Indeed! We will make sure that students' access to their college or university lectures is not interfered with as a result of these weekend courses.
Can anyone get assistance with finding an internship or a job?
Absolutely! We are here to provide you with ever more chances in well-known professions.
Is WorkLab available on weekdays?
Yes, we provide our students complete flexibility to utilise the workstation, although prior contact with us is required.

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